Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is the Adobe Marketing Cloud solution for building digital properties across web, mobile, social, email, and video channels. AEM was formerly known as Adobe CQ. AEM offers web content management, digital asset management, social communities, and mobile capabilities.

AEM allows organizations to create a compelling online experience across digital channels—web, mobile, email, video, web analytics, and social media. This digital marketing suite helps organizations build their brand, drive revenue, and extend their reach.

Adobe Experience Manager empowers organizations to:

  • Build brand: Target and personalize messages, offers, and your online user experience while maintaining brand consistency.
  • Drive revenue: Listen to your users’ social expressions and sentiments, and monitor user behavior in order to create meaningful campaigns for different user segments or demographics to drive conversions.
  • Extend reach: Interact and reach customers across web, mobile, and social channels.

Web Content Management

Adobe offers a user-friendly application so marketers can easily author, manage, and deliver content to online channels. This removes the historical dependency on IT to publish content, images, and videos online. It provides a single hub for all your online content that can be reused across websites or digital channels.